Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Shoes To Love!

During my blogosphere absence, I have procured some lovely shoes for summer. Then again, I really don't need a change in season to acquire new footwear...

Ever since I've discovered the awesomeness that are Dansko clogs, I've decided to get me more! As much as I would LOVE to have Swedish Hasbeens, I still can't get myself to purchase a pair when I know I can get more by getting a different brand. (I was quite upset when I found out that my local H&M store was not one of the VERY few H&M stores that would be carrying the H&M x Swedish Hasbeens collaboration. I guess Detroit is not chic enough? Boo!)

Anyway, I ended up getting these lovely clog sandals by Lucky Brand. I got them on sale at $70 each so I basically got 2 pairs of lovely clog sandals for barely the price of 1 Swedish Hasbeens. (I would still love to get one though! Someday, somehow!)

I also got some flatforms and some wedges! I'm absolutely crazy over these flatforms! Yes, that's flatforms with an "f". They give you the height and comfort minus the aches and pains of wearing heels. Being a petite girl, I need all the height I can get! I can wear mine all day! I hope more brands come out with their own versions. The Chloe ones are really cute but again, too pricey for a shopgirl like myself.

Below are photos of my new shoes. I'm looking forward to integrating them to my outfit posts soon. We only live once, right? Hehe! So, how about you? What sort of footwear are you into these days?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turn on the Bright Lights.

I have been VERY slow with the updates but life goes on! I'm currently tackling a project that I've been putting off for the longest time now... Cleaning up my clutter in the living room. To give you an idea, my so-called "clutter" is currently occupying the WHOLE living room. I guess "clutter" wouldn't be the right word to use for that because it's definitely an understatement. I reckon it will take me more than a day to do this but I guess I'll just have to take it one day at a time.

Anyways, I finally got to watch Kick-Ass last week and it totally kicked ass! It's definitely not your typical kiddie super hero movie. Chloe Moretz was a definite scene stealer! Her character, Hit Girl, is so cool and so cute! She also played the vampire in Let Me In. Since I have seen the original Swedish version, I absolutely cannot wait to see her in the US adaptation. Check out some of Chloe's fashion photos below:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Outfit Post: Mother's Day.

I know haven't updated in what seems like forever, at least in the blogging world. To be quite honest, I haven't really worn anything of note. I did try to take photos of some of the outfits that I wore but they turned out really bad. So, anyhoo...

This is what I wore last Mother's Day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! It was definitely ideal for picnics and backyard barbeques. I ended up wearing this ensemble which seems to be a remake of my other maxi skirt outfits. Having scoured numerous vintage shops and thrift stores, I have quite a collection of long skirts. I think I have reached that point in my life where I no longer find tight (micro) mini skirts appealing or age-appropriate. My thighs have grown shy and yes, they have grown in size too... A lot! Ha! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that all mother's out there had a beautiful Mother's Day!
  • Jacket: Gap
  • Shirt: H&M
  • Belt: Love Culture
  • Skirt: Vintage
  • Sandals: Forever 21