Thursday, March 31, 2011

Splurge Vs. Steal: Dolce Vita's Strappy Platform Wedge.

I have to admit. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to loving (and getting addicted to) shoes. Back when I was still in school, I alternated between my Keds and Birkenstocks. I was definitely a sneaker/flip-flop kind of girl. I didn't buy new shoes unless there was a formal occasion coming up. I was definitely more for comfort back then.

Fast forward to couple years later and I am now a full-fledged shoe addict! Which brings me to my latest splurge vs. steal find... An awesome knock-off of Dolce Vita's Strappy Platform Wedge! I really have to say that Target's selection of women's footwear is starting to amaze me! From Madewell's Sandstorm Boots to Dolce Vita's Strappy Platform Wedge, I am quite impressed! Plus, you can get 3 pairs for the price of one. I'm not a Math genius, nor will I ever be, but I know a great deal when I see one! I got the black and the brown and I'm waiting for the nude to come in the mail. They are surprisingly comfortable! I suggest you shoe-loving ladies grab one before they sell out!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wai Lin Tse's White.

The Art of Wrapping.

I recently purchased Hello Kitty notepads that I think a couple of the girls I know would like. You know, just a little token that I thought of them. The notepads themselves are very cute but I reckon proper gift wrapping is still a must. After all, gift wrapping always adds an element of excitement and surprise. Usually, when I'm out of time, I just wrap my gifts with whatever wrapping paper I have but since I woke up at a pretty decent time today, I had the time to dandy up my wrapping. I was feeling inspired and I haven't even had breakfast yet! The really funny and interesting part is, I didn't even use wrapping paper to wrap my gifts. I ended up using construction paper! Pretty crafty and pretty dandy, yes? I hope the girls will like them. Now, I must go scramble some eggs. Have a lovely day, everyone! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Outfit Post: Shirt Dress.

I literally wore this men's shirt as a dress. Of course, I had to wear leggings underneathe not only for modesty's sake, but to spare people from seeing my winterized legs. Ha! Besides, I didn't want to walk around, looking like I forgot to put pants on. That look is never flattering at any age. Let me just say that I love woven belts! Woven belts will never judge you even if you gained like a gazillion pounds during winter. They will always have room to help cinch every bit of you in. Hurray for woven belts!
  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Belt: Love Culture
  • Leggings: Target
  • Clogs: Dansko

Friday, March 25, 2011

Outfit Post: Gray Clouds.

I have been meaning to wear these gray corduroy pants since forever. I'm not the type to wear corduroy pants but since I saw them styled so effortlessly in J.Crew's catalogs, I knew I just had to give them a chance. My friends said I looked pretty "badass" in my outfit and I definitely think it's the jacket. Me? Little old me? Badass? That made me chuckle. Needless to say, I took it as a compliment. I mean, how can one wear a (faux) leather jacket and not feel even a tiny bit tough? Speaking of tough, I want to watch Sucker Punch! That movie looks awesome! Have you guys seen it?
  • Jacket: Target
  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Belt: Target
  • Pants: Old Navy
  • Booties: Target

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Splurge Vs. Steal: Madewell's Sandstorm Boot.

I love a good bargain so before I buy anything, I make sure I'm getting the best price. Most of the time, I get lucky and I find affordable knock-offs. Lately, I have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers wear Madewell's Sandstorm Boot. They are really cute and would go easily with almost anything but since I really do not have that much money to spend on just one pair of shoes, I decided to look around. I ended up finding not one but three knock-offs at different price points. I was really suprised to see that Target made their own version and at $29.99, they were an absolute steal. I was a little late in trying to purchase the boots in Forever 21 but since I wasn't really too keen as to how the sole looks like in their version, I am pretty satisfied with my Target purchase. Who doesn't love a steal?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Style Files: Beatrice C.

My name is Beatrice Cuevas and I'm 22 years old from Orange County, California. I'm a designer at Tulle clothing and I love what I do. I love to read, draw, and sew. I'm also very crafty so I do a lot of diy's. I have a 9 month old Yorkie named Teddy and love him to pieces. I'm also a huge geek when it comes to manga and anime. I really got into it when I was 13 years old and I still collect manga. It's actually what really got me into drawing which led into designing clothes!

How would you describe your personal style?
I would definitely describe my style as very eclectic. I go through fashion phases all the time!

What or who inspires you?
A lot of things inspire me. Books, magazines, street style, other bloggers, and the list goes on. Culture and my surroundings also great sources of inspiration.

What are your fashion essentials?
My fashion essentials are a cute pair of black flats, tights, lots of dresses, and of course, my favorite, accessories.
What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
My Salvatore Ferragamo patent leather Vara pumps! I wear them all the time.

What do you think is that one key item every girl should have?
Red lipstick! I don't wear it every day, but when I do I feel sassy.
Do you have any fashion tips and tricks?
The trick to making an outfit stand out is to accessorize. You don't want to overdue it though so I follow Coco Chanel's tip, before heading out the door take one thing off.

Where do you shop?
I like to shop at Urban Outfitters, Zara, H&M, Anthropologie, vintage shops, etsy, and of course flea markets.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Outfit Post: Blue Friday

This was my outfit yesterday. Since I want to stay true to my new approach, I wore 2 of my recent purchases, the sweater and the skirt. I have a coupon so I bought quite a lot of new clothes at Old Navy and Gap. I just love this skirt! I was too lazy to iron it and it doesn't help that my camera has a way of making things look distorted but believe me, this skirt is very cute! It's definitely going to get a lot of wear this summer! A lady even asked me where I got it and I immediately informed her that it was from Old Navy. We had a glimpse of spring weather so I was inspired to wear a skirt. I hope this weather lasts a little longer. Happy weekend, everyone!
  • Sweater: Old Navy
  • Skirt: Old Navy
  • Tights: Target
  • Sandals: Dansko
  • Necklace: Craft Fair

Give and Get Shopping Spree.

I went a little crazy but to my defense, most of the stuff I bought were already on clearance so the coupon just made the deal sweeter. Coupons weaken my shopping defenses, if I had any. If you haven't gotten your Give and Get coupon yet, you can click here and print one out for in-store use. You will get 30% off in Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic. The good thing is that not only are you getting a really great discount, 5% of it goes to a non-profit. Now this is shopping for a good cause! Want something from Piperlime or want an online code instead? Just leave a comment with your email address and I will send you one as soon as I can.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yummy Things.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yulia Brodskaya's Papergraphic Illustrations.

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian born artist who is well known for her "papergraphic" illustrations. She transforms ribbons of paper into stunning masterpieces that are simply amazing! Her works are so expertly crafted that it opens up a new dimension to paper quilling. You will never look at twirled paper the same way again.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outfit Post: Buns and Brownies

For some odd reason, my bun is just HUGE today (And by "bun" I meant my hair bun, of course!) Due to sheer laziness, I haven't gotten a haircut for almost a year now and buns are an easy way for me to get my hair to look nice and orderly. I went to the mall today to meet up with my friend and I should have known better than to wear wedges. Imagine walking and standing on them for 4 hours straight while trying to find the best deals around the mall. Then again, I didn't think we'd be shopping for that long but who was I kidding? Sometimes, I seriously think that it's probably just my feet. I mean, I love heels but they just don't seem to love me back. Do you ladies have any secrets or tips on wearing heels?  
  • Jacket: TJ Maxx
  • Shirt: Banana Republic
  • Belt: Forever 21
  • Skirt: Ann Taylor
  • Tights: Target
  • Wedges: Forever 21