Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Splurge Vs. Steal: Madewell's Sandstorm Boot.

I love a good bargain so before I buy anything, I make sure I'm getting the best price. Most of the time, I get lucky and I find affordable knock-offs. Lately, I have seen a lot of my favorite bloggers wear Madewell's Sandstorm Boot. They are really cute and would go easily with almost anything but since I really do not have that much money to spend on just one pair of shoes, I decided to look around. I ended up finding not one but three knock-offs at different price points. I was really suprised to see that Target made their own version and at $29.99, they were an absolute steal. I was a little late in trying to purchase the boots in Forever 21 but since I wasn't really too keen as to how the sole looks like in their version, I am pretty satisfied with my Target purchase. Who doesn't love a steal?


  1. A girl after my own heart - I love a good deal too!

  2. These boots are so cute! I love finding bargains, sometimes it's just not worth spending heaps so bargains always make me very happy. :)

  3. That's a great price!
    They do look so similar!!

  4. they are all so cute! you're right to check out target. they've been doing a great job offering up nice and trendy items.

  5. Super cute! I agree - the Target version is cuter than the Forever21.

  6. love love love :) such adorable booties. though I am afraid of suede and similar materials, since I live in Rainy Oregon.

  7. madewell ♥

    Helen, X


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