Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sometimes, it's better to give than to receive.

I'm the type of person who gives gifts or little tokens out of nowhere, for no apparent reason than to cheer you up or let you know that I thought about you. I definitely love receiving gifts but there's also a fulfillment you get from giving gifts, a kind of warm feeling that you get knowing that you probably made someone's day. Sometimes, all it takes is a little gesture...

A friend was recently bummed out so I thought of getting her that one item that was sure to cheer her up. It also gave me the opportunity to use one of my monogram tags that I received from my package exchange with Lyn. (Thank you again for the super cool tags, Lyn! I love them!) I've been waiting to catch up with her so she can get her little present. I hope that she will like it. You can check it out below:

Do you think it's better to give than to receive?

Package Received! Part 1

I received my package from the lovely Lyn of The Chronicles of Mrs. Claypool about a week ago. I'm always excited to receive packages so when I got it, I had to control myself and get the camera first. Opening the packages within the packages was so much fun! It was like a gift that kept on giving! The wrapping paper and the boxes were all so cute. The tiny flowers that adorned each gift were a nice touch too! I absolutely love everything in the package! Although it's hard to pick a favorite, I have to say that the monogram tag and stamp set will definitely get a lot of mileage! Since I like old school snail mail, I will be using them a lot, hopefully soon!

Thank you again for such a wonderful package, Lyn! Your thoughtfulness and creativity made my day! Thank you so very much...