Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Package Received! Part 1

I received my package from the lovely Lyn of The Chronicles of Mrs. Claypool about a week ago. I'm always excited to receive packages so when I got it, I had to control myself and get the camera first. Opening the packages within the packages was so much fun! It was like a gift that kept on giving! The wrapping paper and the boxes were all so cute. The tiny flowers that adorned each gift were a nice touch too! I absolutely love everything in the package! Although it's hard to pick a favorite, I have to say that the monogram tag and stamp set will definitely get a lot of mileage! Since I like old school snail mail, I will be using them a lot, hopefully soon!

Thank you again for such a wonderful package, Lyn! Your thoughtfulness and creativity made my day! Thank you so very much...


  1. the candles are so very pretty. Gotta love a nicely packaged present.

  2. i love Lyn! she was my first package exchange project partner!


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