Saturday, March 5, 2011

Inspiration In A Box.

I recently purchased back issues of some of Japan's popular fashion magazines. Some of them are quite old but since I come from a school of thought that fashion is subjective, I didn't mind at all. Besides, with clogs and flared jeans making a comeback, I think it is safe to say that fashion merely cycles around anyway.

With the exception of last Valentine's Day, I haven't really gussied up or given my outfits much thought lately. I have been rather uninspired, if not lazy. It is quite a shame especially since I have a lot of clothes to play with. I know that creativity or inspiration is something that cannot be bought but I am hoping that the magazines will somehow jolt me. What foreign fashion magazines do you guys read?


  1. i love reading japanese mags, but only find them at my (japanese owned) hair salon! where do you get these??!!

  2. Hi there! I got mine from eBay. :)


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