Monday, April 11, 2011

H&M's Spring Awakening.

I posted some inspirational photos from Talbot's line the other day and now I'm posting some from H&M. There is obviously a pattern... Denim! Denim will always be in. This season, I think ladies should have 5 key denim pieces: 1. Denim shirt 2. Denim jacket 3. Denim trouser pants 4. Denim skirt (anything but the usual pencil cut!) and lastly, 5. Denim shortalls. Of couse, this is assuming you already have denim shorts, which I'm sure you guys do! I'm excited to finally wear shorts again! The weather is slowly but surely warming up!


  1. Jeans and camel colors are universal - for all occasions and style preferences! Love the new H&M collection, so fresh!


  2. i really like that first chambray shirt -- i thrifted one a couple of years ago, but the fit isnt quite what i'd like it to be. if only h&m had an online shop!

  3. I love the fitted denim shirt on the last photo! great pictures girl!

  4. Never seen denim looking so good


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