Sunday, April 17, 2011

Outfit Post: Long and Short.

After wearing a maxi skirt, I decided to wear one of the "shorter" skirts I purchased during my recent expedition to the mall. H&M had a bunch of really cute cotton skirts for under $15 so I bought a couple of them. Since I am not the most graceful or poised person in the world, I usually wear bike shorts underneathe. Sounds a bit dorky, I know, but it gives me peace of mind. Do you wear bike shorts underneathe skirts too?

My bangs are still trying to figure out what to do with themselves. They are kind of puffy at times and I have to tame them with bobby pins. I'm still glad I trimmed them. Now, I just need to get a proper haircut! All in all, my weekend went well. Had an interesting and fun day at work yesterday and spent the entire day today relaxing and sorting out my closet. I hope you lovelies had a wonderful weekend too!
  • Jacket: Paper Denim & Cloth
  • Shirt: Old Navy
  • Belt: Love Culture
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Sandals: Old Navy


  1. what a great idea to wear shorts under! it would be cute to have them poking out a little, or in a really neon colour with a neutral outfit... inspiring you are!

    Annah xx

  2. i love flowers + denim + yellow!!

  3. Very cute outfit! I love your skirt. the print is really pretty and it look great with the denim jacket. =)

  4. Aw I really like the skirt! :)

  5. you always look so cute in all that you wear!!!

  6. you look adorable and I love the addition of the jean jacket. Cute look.

  7. It's why I keep a denim jacket handy 'coz like yours it completes an outfit. Pretty printed skirt.

  8. very nice blog:) I invite you to my blog
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  9. all of your outfits are adorable!!! sweet blog :)
    thanks for the follow!!!

    Corinne xo

  10. hey back from ann arbor, michigan! cute skirt!

  11. Love your skirt!!

    Monique xx

  12. You look so sweet, floral prints sure suit you. :)

    When I used to wear jeans, I adored Paper Denim & Cloth. Their material is so soft and clings so nicely to the skin.

    The Cat Hag


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