Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Danish Twin.

 I recently made a purchase at Piperlime. I bought some flatforms which I blogged about earlier and I also bought a pair of Swedish Hasbeens knock-offs. They're the Denmark sandals by Tinley Road. (I guess I'm on a Tinley Road roll here.)

What can I say? They look almost the same. I'm sure there are slight differences here and there but the only major difference worth mentioning is the price. Tinley Road's version only costs $19.97 and that's like a gazillion percent cheaper than the Swedish Hasbeens'. (Ok, I exaggerate but you guys know what I mean!)

Don't get me wrong! If I could afford one (Or get one for free! Hehe!), I would totally nab me a pair of Swedish Hasbeens. But alas! I must shop within a super limited budget and for that, I'm glad there are knock-offs. I just wish they had more colors like Swedish Hasbeen does. But for now, I guess the black version would suffice. Black is a safe neutral color anyway and it should go with a lot of outfits. (Note: As with the other Tinley Road review, I would suggest going a size down. They run a tad big.)

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