Saturday, August 20, 2011

Outfit Post: Happy Camper.

After 10,000 years of not posting any outfits, lo and behold! An outfit post! Be warned. It's nothing special or fancy and I definitely wasn't feeling at all creative or dandy. I really just wanted to wear my new hi-rise retro flared jeans from Old Navy. They just arrived this afternoon and of course, I had to wear them immediately.

Since I gained weight, I've been looking for high waisted jeans. I'm so over skinny and low rise jeans! I'm tired of constantly making sure my backside is decently covered when I'm bending over. Plus, the sight of my gut sticking out like Winnie The Pooh is just plain gross (and unacceptable). These pair by Old Navy fit the bill! They suck me in and they give me an excuse to wear my flatforms which make me look taller and for that, I am a happy camper. :)
  • Hat: Gap
  • Hello Kitty Shirt: Old Navy
  • Blazer: Old Navy
  • Jeans: Old Navy
  • Flatform Sandals: Joe's Jeans
  • Pin: Vintage


  1. Love it! Those jeans are adorable and look great on you!

  2. aw. that's really cute. I love your shoes!

  3. wow, those sandals are awesome, I'd feel so powerful walking around in those


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